Sunday, July 7, 2013

Curious sperm whales on a calm sea

Today we had a very calm sea, almost completely flat. We had wonderful encounters with common dolphins for a start and later on a group of at least 10 sperm whales. None of the whales were doing deep dives during the time we spent with them which means that we didn't see any flukes. But they were curious and social and spyhopping a lot. One of boats also managed to see striped dolphins, these fast moving dolphins can sometimes be difficult to observe  but they are very funny to see. In the afternoon we searched far and wide for the sperm whales. Our lookouts saw some blows but our boats never had an encounter with them. Sometimes it happens that we don't see the whales, but with two groups of common dolphins, you walk away with a happy heart anyway. We cooperate with local pigeon breeders and sometimes take their working pigeons out to sea to train them to find their way back home. This is a release far out at sea, while our whale watching boat was waiting for a sperm whale to surface. See video below.

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphins (mating)

Our Catamaran with sperm whales
Sperm whale

One of the larger sperm whales

Female and juvenile

Photos from the afternoon:

Common dolphins, adult and juvenile

Common dolphin

Pigeon release

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