Thursday, July 25, 2013

Definition of today: Fabulous

We may say that today was fabulous! During the whole day we had sightings of three species: sperm whales, spotted dolphins and common dolphins. All day we were accompanied by the same group of sperm whales. It was a nice group showing us flukes, after being quietly on the surface for a while (logging). The dolphins, as usual, were very playful. They were as interested in seeing humans as we were to see cetaceans. We saw some fun behaviors such as: spyhopping and acrobatic jumps (from the elegant and agile spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins). At the end this was the perfect tour to demonstrate to everyone that these beautiful animals do not need to be kept in captivity to be able to see them well!

Photos from the morning: 

Video of one of today's sperm whales fluking

Common dolphins and a spotted dolphin

Beautiful common dolphin spyhopping

Closeup of the face of the common dolphin

Sperm whale logging (with Ponta Delgada in the background)

Spotted dolphin just surfacing

One of many sperm whale flukes that we saw today

Photos from the afternoon:

Sperm whale fluke

Another fluke

                                                                       More fluking

A spotted dolphin jumping very high

It jumped several times, giving us an amazing show

Another spyhopping common dolphin,
this time in the afternoon

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