Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dolphin feeding frenzy

Today we had encounters with many dolphins. In the morning we encountered common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. Both species were in large groups, as is very common this time of the year. In both the morning and afternoon the common dolphins were feeding at the surface so that we were able to observe a big feeding frenzy together with our local seabirds the Cory's shearwater and yellow-legged gull. Many times we were able to see the birds diving down and successfully grabbing fish from beneath the surface. One of our biologists managed to film the feeding frenzy on the school of fish just beneath the boat that she was on.

Photos from today:
Our zodiac with biologist Clara filming underwater over the side of the boat
Feeding frenzy - Cory's shearwater with common dolphins
Cory's shearwater taking off with a fish
Cory's shearwater (right) with a fish and a yellow-legged gull trying to steal the fish

Yellow-legged gull attacking the Cory's shearwater in attempt to steal its fish

Common dolphins feeding 
Common dolphin
Common dolphins looking the fish under our boat

fish hiding under our boat
A foggy day on São Miguel Island

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