Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dolphins in the morning and sperm whales in the afternoon

Today was another wonderful blue, calm day on the ocean with dolphins everywhere. We started with common dolphins and in our search for other dolphin species we saw several groups of common dolphins everywhere. Our lookout was guiding us through the dolphins to find Atlantic spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. The spotted dolphins surrounded the boats and raced us as we were leaving them. The bottlenose dolphins were busy with mating, we saw high jumps close to our boats, as the males were showing of there agility and strength. We also saw several loggerhead turtles. In the afternoon we had two zodiacs out on the water - one for swimming with dolphins and the other for whale watching. The swimmers had a great time with common dolphins while the other boat watched the common dolphins and ended with a group of sperm whales. All of our clients were happy to see 7 sperm whales, followed by 3 more after!

Photos and videos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphin jumping

Common dolphin

Watching common dolphins from the side of our catamaran

Common dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins - mother and baby

Spotted dolphins, juvenile and adult

In the waves of the catamaran

Racing the catamaran

Spotted dolphins
Spotted dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin in between our catamaran and zodiac

Just next to our catamaran

Bottlenose dolphins (mating)

Our zodiac and "Song of Whales"

Our biologist Miranda picking up plastic rubbish 

Driving our catamaran

Loggerhead turtle

Video of the loggerhead turtle

Video from the afternoon of a sperm whale underwater:

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