Monday, July 22, 2013

Dolphins and a devil ray

It is the peak of the summer in the islands somewhere in the middle of Atlantic. Today we had whale watching during the morning and once more we had a tour with a tight schedule because we had so much to see out there. We saw 5 species of dolphin: common, Risso's, bottlenose, spotted and last but not smallest pilot whalesIt was a really fantastic trip. And for our second encounter, together with the common dolphins, we had a nice visitor looking and approaching us - a devil ray accompanied by two remora fishes. In the afternoon only our swimming boats left the marina to swim with a group of at least 300 common dolphins

Video of the Risso's dolphins

Video of the pilot whales

Photos from today:

Devil ray with two remoras

Devil ray pectoral fins

Our biologists explaining more about the devil ray we encountered

Risso's dolphin surfacing

A Risso's dolphin with another further away like a light blue shadow underwater

Watching a bottlenose dolphin leaping alongside our catamaran

A large group of pilot whales

Our zodiac with a pilot whale

A female pilot whale with a small calf behind, can you see it?

Horse mackerel filmed underwater during the afternoon swimming tour

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