Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hide and seek with Bryde's whales

Who says whales can't be playful? Today we had a hide and seek game with the whales. We had two Bryde's whales, the mother and the calf from yesterday, and they were busy with feeding which means that they were diving all the time. We had a rough sea and poor visibility because of mist and rain but we did see them quite well in the end. Baby whales and dolphins always puts smiles on everybody's faces. We are lucky to see these whales here as this species is rare to see in the Azores! We also encountered two of our resident dolphin species: common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, and they were as playful as usual, bowriding and jumping.

Photos from today:

Calf and mother whale

The calf and the mother,
to the left in the photo you can see some smooth patches in the water (behind the whales),
that is what we call "footprints" from the whales as their flukes moves up and down, creating these circles. In the old whaling days that was thought to be oil patches left behind by the whales.

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