Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Northern bottlenose whale and dolphins

Today we had an amazing encounter with a rare species: a northern bottlenose whale! During the morning, not far from Ponta Delgada our skipper sighted a blow, soon we confirmed the species, one elusive species that belong to the beaked whales group. This individual was alone and seemed to have a strange appearance as if it was emaciated, we hope that this whale is in good health.

Later on we sighted bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins (both encounters with big pods full of small calves). Once more the dolphins showed their playful spirit! One of the bottlenose dolphins was playing with a plastic bag and another one was jumping several times with a piece of plastic in its mouth or on its head (see two photos below), unfortunately this is one of many threats to marine life - pollution from litter. We can all help by reducing the use of plastic and prevent animals from swallowing or being caught up in our litter. Remember before recycling: reuse and reduce :)

In the afternoon we resigthted the northern bottlenose whale and the same species of dolphins (different groups).

Photos from the morning:

Northern bottlenose whale

Our zodiac with the northern bottlenose whale

Jump sequence of a  bottlenose dolphin with our boat

Bottlenose dolphin playing with a deadly toy: plastic

Bottlenose dolphin playing with a deadly toy: plastic

Bottlenose dolphin playing with a deadly toy: plastic

Mother common dolphin with baby

Mother common dolphin with baby

Photos from the afternoon:

Northern bottlenose whale

Our biologist Miranda showing an image of the northern bottlenose whale

Common dolphins, mother and calf jumping high

Juvenile jumping

Enjoying a coastal cruise back to Ponta Delgada

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Anonymous said...

i like very much northern bottlenose whale. there's a recent cookie cutter shark bites over the head.


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