Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sei whale and dolphins in a silver sea

Common dolphins and spotted dolphins kept us company this morning with their grace and playfulness. São Miguel was covered in rain for a while and the visibility for our lookouts was not the best, even with their backup and all the crew searching, we couldn't find any whales this morning. But the dolphins sure gave us an amazing show with lots of adorable babies and put a big smile on all our faces. In the afternoon we resighted the two dolphin species and we had a grand final with a wonderful sei whale. Photos from today:

Common dolphins, mother and calf

Baby common dolphin spyhopping
Looks like this calf is missing the yellow colour on the side

Calf jumping

One of the calf was jumping several times close to our catamaran, looking at us

Atlantic spotted dolphin
Watching dolphins from the bow of our catamaran

Our youngest dolphin watcher this morning

Atlantic spotted dolphin adult

Sei whale

Sei whale

Our zodiac passing alongside the sei whale's footprint
Common dolphins

Whale watchers

 Common dolphin calf

Spotted dolphin calf blowing bubbles

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