Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sperm whales and dolphins surrounding us

Today's tour started with hundreds of common dolphins all around. We had at least 100 close to us but there were dolphins as far as we could see. After the dolphins we went to an area of sperm whales, we didn't have to wait long for the first one to surface, and then it was never ending! Sperm whales everywhere, we watched 7 whales (the first whale and the last one turned out to be the same individual). At one moment we had one fluking (diving) on our left side, and *poof* another one came up on our right side. And with the whales we also had a small group of common dolphins. On our way back we had a lovely encounter with Atlantic spotted dolphins.

In the afternoon our whale watchers had the same luck with sperm whales and common dolphins. Photos from the afternoon tour will be uploaded in the next few days...

Photos and videos from the morning: 

Atlantic spotted dolphin baby

The same spotted baby

Sperm whale logging

Sperm whale diving (same as above, our fourth fluke today)

Third fluke

Second fluke

First fluke

Spotted dolphins playing and jumping between our two boats 
(zodiac as you can see in the video, and this was filmed from our catamaran)

Spotted dolphins, mother and baby

Spotted dolphins, mother and baby

Common dolphin

Photos and videos from the afternoon: 

Sperm whale
Sperm whales
Common dolphins
Common dolphins
A curious loggerhead turtle

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