Monday, July 29, 2013

Sperm whales, Bryde's whales and dolphins

Another blue and sunny summer's day with sperm whales here on the South coast of São Miguel. We managed to see many species today, we started with the lovely sperm whales, lots of dolphins: Atlantic spotted dolphins, Risso's dolphins, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. We have our boats out again for the afternoon trips, both whale watching and swimming.

In the afternoon we spotted big pod of bottlenose dolphins and we had an exciting encounter with two Bryde's whales (mother and calf). These whales are not common to see in the Azores, in fact it was our first sighting since 2008! The Bryde's whale is very different to other baleen whales in that it does not migrate to cooler waters during the summer, rather it stays in warm waters year-round.

Two sperm whales diving

Photo from the morning:

Another sperm whale diving

Sperm whale surfacing

The fluke of the sperm whale

Sperm whale during mid fluke

A spotted dolphins (juvenile)

Atlantic spotted dolphin surfacing

Two Atlantic spotted dolphins jumping

Spotted dolphin in the crystal clear water of Azores

Spotted dolphins

Spotted dolphins approaching our catamaran

Loggerhead turtle waving to us with its flipper (pectoral fin)

Photo from the afternoon:

Bryde's whales (mother and calf)

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