Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sperm whales to the East

Today the sun returned to São Miguel island, and so did the sperm whales!
In the morning we encountered a group of sperm whales to the East end of the island. We arrived just in time to observe 4 whales (3 adults and a juvenile) at the surface and to see them show their flukes as they went on their next deep feeding dive. We also encountered at least 2 more adults in the area and we were able to take identification photographs (of the tails of the whales) of 3 of the whales in the group. In the afternoon we resighted the sperm whales, and common dolphins.

Video of the 4 sperm whales sighted in the morning:

Photos from this morning:

A whale we recognise and refer to as "Sumo Wrestler"
We first photographed this individual here in July 2010 and have seen here several times since

4 sperm whales logging at the surface together

One of the many playful common dolphins sighted this morning

Little egret seen on Vila Franca Islet

Yellow-legged gulls nesting on Vila Franca Islet 

Photos from the swimming in the afternoon:
Common dolphins

School of horse mackerel that the dolphins were feeding on   

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