Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whale flukes and dolphins

Sperm whales and four species of dolphins accompanied us today on the sea. In the morning we waited long in an area of whales but we didn't see them, but we had playful spotted dolphins and common dolphins mixed with striped dolphins. In the afternoon we managed to see the sperm whales, at one time we had at least six whales in the area, but we stayed closer to two of them that fluked nicely. We left the whales to see some dolphins but our skipper saw two more sperm whales on the surface and we stayed and enjoyed their company before they fluked together (see video below). Then it was time to go to the dolphins, we started with very graceful bottlenose dolphins and later on a group of common dolphins feeding. 

Video of two sperm whales fluking together, filmed by Ida Eriksson

Photos from the morning: 
Spotted dolphins, juvenile (without spots) and an adult

Atlantic spotted dolphin mother and calf

Watching the spotted dolphins

A playful common dolphins

Common dolphin swimming sideways to look up at us

A beautiful day aboard our catamaran

Common dolphin checking our catamaran "Cetus" and our clients

Common dolphins - mother and calf

A typical local fishing boat

Leaving our catamaran "Cetus" after a lovely morning on the water

Back at our shop explaining more about our sightings
Photos from the afternoon:

                                                    Sperm whale logging alongside calf

                                                               Sperm whale fluke with calf

Adult Sperm whale fluke

Sperm whale without dorsal fin

2 sperm whales fluking side by side

Bottlenose dolphin just before a jump
Common dolphin leaping out of the waves
A common dolphin in the wonderful Atlantic ocean

Common dolphins with Vila Franca Islet behind

Vila Franca Islet

Goldlines and seabream in Vila Franca Islet during our Full Day Tour

Watching the islet from our catamaran

Azorean buzzard flying over Vila Franca Islet

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