Saturday, July 13, 2013

Catch of the day!

What a great morning full of sperm whales and common dolphins, and sperm whales with common dolphins. We started our tour with a lovely group of common dolphins with lots of babies, bowriding, jumping and playing around. Then we took of to west to an area where Futurismo's vigia had spotted the big ones; the sperm whales. We encountered one with dolphins around it, a presence which can sometimes annoy the whales, making them roll around, showing parts of the fluke and their sides. Also, this individual had something in its mouth (see the photos), so it had been on a deep dive fetching some food and was now enjoying it. Then it went on a dive, leaving us to wait for the next whale to surface. We didn't have to wait long before a female and a calf came up, logging for a while before showing the majestic fluke as the adult dived. Photos from this morning:

Sperm whale, with prey in its mouth and you can see the dorsal fin from a common dolphin behind
Close up of the prey, which looks to be a conger eel


Open mouth

Rolling on its side, you can see the eye and the pectoral fin (that is split at the tip)

Adult whale diving and calf coming up for its last breath before also attempting a dive


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