Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A crystal clear blue ocean full of dolphins

Today was one of those perfect days where the water is a bright blue colour and clear to more than 10 m down. These conditions are perfect for watching dolphins and that is just what we had today. We had groups of common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins keeping us company throughout the day. As usual the playful dolphins were keen to bowride in front of our boats and were curiously looking up at us (see the video below). As in many previous tours today we got to see plenty of feeding behaviour together with Cory's shearwater, great shearwaters, yellow-legged gulls and yellofin tuna.

For the best quality watch the video in youtube and select the highest quality

Photos from the morning:

Our catamaran "Cetus"

Bottlenose dolphins bowriding in front of our catamaran

Cory's shearwaters feeding together with common dolphins

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin bowriding and looking up at our boat

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