Saturday, August 3, 2013

A summer day in São Miguel

Today is a perfect summer's day in São Miguel. Our whale watching and dolphin swimming tours also started off perfectly this morning. After just a few minutes of travelling out of the marina we came across our first species of the day - common dolphins. It was a large group of at least 200 dolphins, including many newborn calves. Further along the coast we encountered bottlenose dolphins, a smaller group but also with a baby or two and also close to shore. The final show of the morning was from an active group of Atlantic spotted dolphins that were feeding on horse mackerel together with many Cory's shearwaters, yellow-legged gulls and to our surprise yellowfin tuna (which we didn't realise until we examined our photos later). After our cetacean encounters we enjoyed a tour past vila franca islet where we spotted some local bird life (including a little egret), followed by a nice coastal ride back to Ponta Delgada.

Our good luck continued in the afternoon for our whale watching and dolphin swimming tours. Those on the whale watching encountered common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolpins and a large male sperm whale that we know very well and call "Mr Liable". The lucky ones on our swimming tour had an amazing underwater encounter with common dolphins that were feeding on a large school of horse mackerel right next to their boat.

Video of the common dolphins this morning:

Photos from this morning:

Common dolphins just outside of Ponta Delgada

Watching common dolphins

Common dolphins - normal coloured individual on top and dark individual underdneath

Bottlenose dolphins - mother and calf

 Bottlenose dolphins close-up

Watching bottlenose dolphins bowriding in front of our catamaran "Cetus"

Atlantic spotted dolphin juvenile leaping next to our boat

Juvenile gull trying to steal a fish (horse mackerel) off a Cory's shearwater

Aboard our catamaran "Cetus" approaching Vila Franca Islet

Aboard our catamaran "Cetus" watching Vila Franca Islet

Passing Caloura on the return trip

Photos from the afternoon:
Feeding time!

Surrounded by dolphins

Swimming right under

Mother and calf approaching

 Sperm whale (Mr Liable)

Mr Liable's fluke - the one most seen of all the flukes in our catalogue

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