Sunday, August 11, 2013

A sunny Sunday with Mr Liable, beaked whales and dolphins

Today we had amazing tours both in the morning and in the afternoon with the catamaran "Cetus" and one zodiac. During the morning we enjoyed watching some feeding between common dolphins and many atlantic spotted dolphins. We sighted Mr. Liable (a well known male sperm whale), making it an amazing Sunday morning ending with a nice fluke. The afternoon started with summertime and we had a good surprise encounter with at least three northern bottlenose whales surfacing quietly in front of our boats. This is the second time that we saw this species in 2013! Besides that we saw three species of dolphins: Atlantic spotted, common and bottlenose dolphin.

Photos from the morning:

Mr. Liable diving (sperm whale)

Spotted dolphin

Photos from the morning (northern bottlenose whales):

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