Friday, August 30, 2013

Bryde's whale and sperm whales

Today we have another Bryde's whale (we have had many sightings this summer) and sperm whales in the area. In the morning the Bryde's whale was feeding together with Atlantic spotted dolphins and Cory's shearwaters, probably on mackerel, something which we have also seen a lot of this summer. The sperm whales were a bit further offshore as this species typically is, as they feed in deeper waters on squid. After a few minutes on the surface we saw two sperm whales raise their tails to begin their deep feeding dives. Atlantic spotted dolphins filled in the rest of the tour and the clients on our smaller boats this morning also had the chance to see bottlenose dolphins. In the afternoon we encountered sperm whales again as well as bottlenose dolphins. Some of our clients were lucky to see a sperm whale breaching very close to their boat. In total we encountered 7 different sperm whales in the afternoon, including 1 calf and a juvenile.

Bryde's whale

Sperm whales diving in the morning

Spotted dolphins

A spotted dolphin

A sperm whale from the afternoon

Bottlenose dolphins from the afternoon

Watching bottlenose dolphins from the catamaran

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