Monday, August 26, 2013

Swimming with a devil ray

Today we had swimming tours during the morning and the afternoon. This is another activity that is possible to do with us. During the morning we swam with playful common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. In the afternoon our tour provided us with a rare encounter - a sicklefin devil ray. The ray approached the swimmers without caution providing us with a extroadinary underwater experience. We were also fortunate to swim with an energetic pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins and tuna (according to one of our costumers - Christina Mosconas).

Today´s post highlights encounters with three dolphin species and the devil ray which is just part of the diverse marine life that surrounds the waters of the Azores Archipelgo.

Futurismo would like to thank Christina Mosconas for sharing her pictures.

Photos from the afternoon:

A Swimmer with the sicklefin devil ray 

 sicklefin devil ray and a pilot fish

 sicklefin devil ray

Pilot fish leading the sicklefin devil ray

 Atlantic spotted dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphin looking at one of our swimmers

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