Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A calm ocean full of dolphins and sperm whales

Today we have our most frequently sighted dolphins in the area: bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. In the morning we were able to observe groups of all 3 species, each with very different behaviours. The bottlenose dolphins were very close to shore and simply travelling slowly, the common dolphins were very active with several mating groups and the Atlantic spotted dolphins were very calm, almost lying completely still at the surface.
During the afternoon we sighted the same species of dolphins that we saw during the morning however, this time, the sperm whales decided to appear. We saw four sperm whales in the area, one of them was a small calf (good news for the resident population).  
Photos from this morning:

                         Our zodiac on a very calm sea, with Ponta Delgada in the background

                                                              Common dolphins mating

Common dolphins belly to belly mating
                                                        Group of Atlantic spotted dolphins 

                                Common dolphin riding the waves behind our catarmaran 

                                                  Common dolphin jumping out of the water 

                                                              Airbourne common dolphin

                                    Young Atlantic spotted dolphin breaking the surface

Photos from this afternoon:

Sperm whale

Sperm whale fluke

Sperm whale fluke and one calf

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