Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A dreamlike beginning for September

Today started with nice sunny weather and a flat sea. During the morning we spotted several pods of common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. Most of the dolphins that we saw were resting, with the expection of one pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins that were really active - mating and feeding in the same area. To improve this morning tour he had a amazing encounter with 5 sperm whales together - three adult females and two curious juveniles. These sperm whales did  not hesitate to approach our boats and check us out by sticking their large heads out of the water (a behaviour called spyhopping). They were rolling around playfully in the water, often showing their beautiful tails as they were hanging vertically in the water like they were doing headstands. In the afternoon we resighted the sperm whales and also a playful group of Atlantic spotted dolphins. As an added bonus, while waiting for a sperm whale to resurface we spotted a large devil ray.

Photos from the morning:

Juvenile sperm whale playing with its tail while another whale approaches us

Sperm whale turning and approaching us

Juvenile fluke

Tail and head out of the water


Juvenile playing around again with its fluke above water

One of the 5 sperm whales swimming between our boats

Spotted dolphins feeding with Cory's shearwaters

Photos from the afternoon:

Sperm whale diving

Spotted dolphin

Devil ray 

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