Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Beautiful blue day full of dolphins and whales in the afternoon

Despite rain in the morning we ended up with a beautiful blue day full of dolphins. We started our journey with a large group of about 60 bottlenose dolphins playing around, showing of their size and grace. Our swimming boat had amazing close encounters with the dolphins. After the dolphins we headed towards a blow that our lookout had seen, but we quickly left the area to enjoy more dolphins because the whale disappeared and we had both our other whale watching boat searching and our lookout, so if the whale would have surfaced close by they would tell us. Instead we enjoyed a feeding frenzy with common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins, and also Cory's shearwaters. In the afternoon the sperm whales were closer and we saw a group of six whales, and also bottlenose dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

Our zodiac for swimming leaving the marina

Bottlenose dolphin

Swimmers with bottlenose dolphins

A spotted dolphin juvenile racing our catamaran "Cetus"

Common dolphins jumping alongside our boat

Spotted dolphin with two Cory's shearwaters

Photos from the afternoon:

Bottlenose dolphins
Sperm whale
Sperm whale

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