Friday, September 13, 2013

Close encounter with a sperm whale

This morning started with a quick stop to see common dolphins before we arrived to a group of sperm whales. We had several encounters but one was more unique then the others. We had a juvenile sperm whale approaching our catamaran and swimming close in front os us before nicely fluking (see video below). On our way back we encountered a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, and just outside the marina we made another quick stop to see common dolphins feeding together with Cory's shearwaters and yellow-legged seagulls.

A juvenile sperm whale turning and approaching our boat, swimming right in front of us and then fluking (diving showing its fluke to us)

Photos from today:

2 sperm whales - adult and calf

Beautiful fluke of the curious sperm whale near our catamaran

Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping next to our boat

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Top view from our catamaran

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