Friday, September 20, 2013

Dolphin watching and a visit from a whale shark

Today was a beautiful blue day and our tours were full of marine life. In the morning we had large groups of common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins that were feeding together with Cory's shearwaters and great shearwaters. Our swimming in the morning with these dolphins was really great! In the afternoon our boats returned to the sea to encounter more of our resident common dolphins. People that were aboard one of our boats in the afternoon also encountered a large fully grown loggerhead turtle while the people on our other boat had an encounter with a whale shark (the largest fish in the world!).

Photos from today:

One of our boats - "Song of Whales"

Our swimming boat in the morning

Our catamaran "Cetus"

Common dolphin jumping with Cory's shearwaters

Common dolphins

Atlantic spotted dolphin (juvenile without spots)

Atlantic spotted dolphins

                                                      Watching common dolphins bowrding

Top deck of our catarmaran ´Cetus´

                                                                           Common dolphin

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