Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flukes and fins brighten up a grey day

The tours of today (morning and afternoon) were in a choppy sea and some rain but with warm temperature. During the morning we had lovely encounters with common dolphins and Atlantic spotted dolphins. We also sighted two sperm whales - one big male (Mr. Liable) and one juvenile (also male). Every one was happy to see these two whales, which are the fourth largest animal in the world. In the afternoon we encountered several groups of dolphins, both common and Atlantic spotted dolphins, and at the end of the trip a large group of 300 dolphins feeding together with birds and tuna. At one point a big school of fish was hiding from the predators under our catamaran "Cetus".

Photos from today:

Mr. Liable diving

The eye of a common dolphin

Spotted dolphins surfacing in synchrony

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