Friday, September 6, 2013

In the company of cetaceans

Sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Risso's dolphins, all of our four resident species of cetaceans, aswell as Atlantic spotted dolphins and striped dolphins, two of our seasonal species, kept us company today. We started our morning with the whales, several females and a calf. They were calm in the water, logging and breathing before waving "bye" to us by showing their great flukes. In the afternoon we started with a lovely group of common dolphins and then returned to the whale area. Unfortunately the sperm whales were nowhere to be found anymore, but instead on our way back we had a surprise encounter with a very acrobatic group of striped dolphins.

Photos from the morning:

Watching a sperm whale logging

Our first fluke of today

Our second fluke

Mother and calf

The third and final fluke of the morning tour

A beautiful face (bottlenose dolphin)

Photos from the afternoon:

Bording "Bulo" for the afternoon tour

"Alfredo baleeiro" leaving the marina

"Bulo" and "Alfredo baleeiro" leaving

Common dolphins close to Vila Franca Islet

Striped dolphins

A big group of striped dolphins leaping in unison

1 comment:

Thury from Special Tours said...

So many different species of dolphins! You lucky people you :) Dolphins are such wonderful animals, we often spot white-beaked dolphins here in Reykjavík.

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