Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sperm whales and dolphins

Today we have our resident sperm whales in the area, as well as Atlantic spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. Upon arriving to the whale area in the morning it did not take long before a sperm whale came up to the surface. It was a small individual, a juvenile that was alone at the surface. The young whale showed us a beautiful tail and the we waited for another individual from the group to surface from one of their deep feeding dives. We waited and waited but they did not show up, reminding us of how these whales are such incredible divers. In the morning we also had several groups of dolphins for all of our boats and in the afternoon we had a swimming boat return out there to swim with common dolphins.

Photos from today:

 Juvenile sperm whale diving

Common dolphins leaping out of the waves

A curious common dolphin

Our zodiac boat this morning

Spotted dolphins, mother and calf

A spotted calf playing around

Spotted dolphins

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