Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunset boat cruise in the Azores with Futurismo

Futurismo's sunset cruises aboard our catamaran "Cetus" are an excellent way to view the beautiful rugged coastlines of São Miguel Island and watch the sun set over the ocean horizon in the middle of the Atlantic. During the past weeks we have had several of these tours along different parts of the south coast of São Miguel Island, such as Vila Franca Islet, Rocha da Relva and Mosteiros. This time of the year we giver our clients the chance to go for a swim before the sun goes down as at the moment the water is still about 23ºC. We also offer music aboard and refreshments of Azorean foods and wine. During the past weeks we have been watching the changes in the moon phases and occasionally we were also lucky to encounter groups of dolphins and many Cory's shearwaters as they return to their nests on the coastline in the evenings. Following are some of our photos from our sunset tours this year:



 Rocha da Relva

Azorean buzzard over Vila Franca Islet



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