Saturday, September 28, 2013

The dolphins surprise in the mist

Today, in the morning, we had a bit of a wait before our vigia gave us confirmation of our tour. The weather forecast predicted bad sea conditions and we had poor visibility. Despite these predictions we went to the sea to end up with a summer-like sea with some patches of blue sky. Even better than these good weather conditions were the dolphins who delighted everyone with their sheer numbers and behavior. In total we spotted four species of dolphins: common dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and Risso's dolphin! This last species is known for its shy nature and this is the fourth time that we encountered them this month. Also, from our catamaran we spotted a loggerhead turtle. In the afternoon we resighted all the dolphin species except the Risso's dolphin. In the end of the tour our skipper found a huge feeding ground of spotted dolphins, Cory's shearwater, great shearwater, Manx shearwater, yellowlegged gull and great black-backed seagull.

Photos from today:

Common dolphins

Spotted dolphins, one up-side-down and playing around

A spotted dolphin jumping

Risso's dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

Common dolphins

Cory's shearwater, yellow-legged gull and black-backed gull

Yellowlegged seagull juvenile checking out the open mouth of a spotted dolphin

 This is what we call a feeding frenzy!

A Cory's shearwater picks a mackerel off the surface

Juvenile gull biting the head of a Cory's shearwater

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