Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Whale friends

Today we had a meeting with two of our friends, and they seem to be friends with each other as well, I'm talking about two sperm whales called "Mr. Liable" and "Mancha Branca" that we have been seeing here on the south coast of São Miguel for many years. "Mr. Liable" is our most sighted sperm whale here and we all know his fluke very well. "Mancha Branca" is easy to recognise from the white patch in front of her dorsal fin which is the reason for her nickname "white patch". She is a large female that we have sighted here for years. We have seen these two together before, last summer in June, and now again which is a pleasent sight for us. We also encoutered bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and we passed by a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins on our way back.

Photos from today:

"Mancha Branca" (White patch or spot)

''Mancha Branca'' logging

''Mancha Branca''

''Mancha Branca'' logging

Mr. Liable blowing

Mr. Liable logging

Mr.Liable diving

Common dolphins

Common dolphins

Common dolphin breaking the surface

Common dolphins side by side

Mancha Branca and Mr. Liable diving together last summer

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