Friday, October 4, 2013

A clear blue summers day on the sea in São Miguel

Today we just like the middle of summer! All day we had sunshine and a beautiful flat sea that was clear blue and perfect for swimming with dolphins. That is just what we did today - swimming with dolphins and watching the from our different boats that went out in the morning and afternoon.  We watched bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and also in the morning a small group of Risso's dolphins (our 3 resident dolphin species!). During our cetacean (dolphin and whale watching) watching tours we also keep a keen out for birds as we often have bird enthusiasts like ourselves aboard. Today in the morning we saw our regular bird species - the Cory's shearwater, great shearwater, yellow-legged gull and common tern and we also spotted a couple of rare Manx shearwaters in the afternoon. On top of these sightings we also spotted several loggerhead turtles in the morning and in the afternoon from our zodiac another turtle and a flying fish were seen.

Photos from today:

Bottlenose dolphins

Risso's dolphins just under the surface,
this species is easy to track under the surface because of the light color

Risso's dolphin surfacing

Risso's dolphin

Cory's shearwater

Two Manx shearwaters and a Cory's shearwater

Common dolphin

Two bottlenose dolphins swimming along side our catamaran,
looking up at us

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins bowriding

A clear blue day 

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