Friday, October 11, 2013

A fun day at sea aboard our zodiac boats

Today was a fun day aboard our zodiac boats. The day started a bit grey, but by the afternoon we had blue sky over the ocean, although the clouds remained over the island as they often do. Both in the morning and afternoon we had plenty of dolphins to keep us company. In the morning we enjoyed the company of a large group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, followed by several smaller groups of common dolphins. In the afternoon we only encountered common dolphins, but there were many of them spread out everywhere! At the end of both tours we also had time to see Vila Franca Islet - a natural reserve in the form of a crater in the sea which is home to many fish species and a nesting site for a variety of marine birds (today we sighted Cory's shearwaters, Manx shearwater, a storm petrel, yellow-legged gulls and a sanderling on the islet)

Photos from this morning:

Atlantic spotted dolphins - it's easy to see how they get there name, not only are they spotted but this species is only found in the Atlantic Ocean!

Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping next to its mother - when they are born they lack the spots

Cory's shearwater with one of our boats in the background

Common dolphin side-jumping

Photos from this afternoon:

Juvenile gull 

Optical illusion - mini people bowriding!

Common dolphins

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