Wednesday, October 23, 2013

From big boat to small boats

Due to the weather conditions we had to cancel our catamaran for this morning and our lookout couldn't find anything else then a group of dolphins, so we decided together (our captain, crew and guests) what to do. We had the choice of going out in our zodiac boats to see the dolphins or stay on land. 20 brave and adventures guests decided to go, we dressed for water and dolphins and left the marina. We saw a large and spread out group of common dolphins, and one of our zodiacs got glimpse of Atlantic spotted dolphins too. The common dolphins were playful, surfing in the waves and jumping full body out of the water next to our boats while we enjoyed the rollercoaster ride. We also got to see plenty of Cory's shearwaters and a few Manx shearwater.

Photos from today:

Common dolphins surfing the waves
Common dolphin
Our zodiac boat watching the Vila Franca Islet

Sally lightfoot crab on the islet
Yellow-legged gull on the islet

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