Saturday, October 26, 2013

Summer reminiscence

Today we had a foggy day that was full of dolphins. We went out only with zodiacs both in the morning and afternoon. During the morning, just in the beginning we spotted a nice pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins that were really friendly and were bowriding and jumping in front of our boats. The next species was the common dolphin, with several groups being sighted spread out across a large area. In the afternoon we had a nice tour close to coast line enjoying, once again, several pods of common dolphins. In the end we stopped in a feeding area with common dolphins, Cory's sheawaters and Manx shearwaters near to Ribeira Quente. It was in this frenzy that we saw also two bottlenose dolphins that were enjoying the feast. 

Photos from today:

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Common dolphin 

Sally lightfoot crab's

Feeding area with the Common dolphins 

Bottlenose dolphin

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