Sunday, December 1, 2013

A curious baby dolphin

First day of December and we start with a funny whale watching tour in calm silvery sea. During all tour we were spotting small pods of common dolphins. One of the common dolphin pods had a really curious and vigorous calf that was inspecting our boat several times. Swimming around us and looking up at us. After a lot of fun with several small groups of common dolphins we went to search for bottlenose dolphins but in the search we get the news that our lookout had spotted a whale. We tried our best to see this whale, but unfortunately it wasn't possible. This whale made a long dive and disappeared in a choppy sea and we had to start our journey back. On the way back we had time to enjoy the coastline, and we saw a group of canary bird fly near to surface at high speed.

Photos from today:

Common dolphins in a silver sea

Watching common dolphins

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