Monday, December 30, 2013

A day with common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins

Today was a day of common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins, two of our resident species here in the Azores. In the morning the two species were together in a mixed group, just outside of Ponta Delgada marina where we depart from. We had some really nice encounters with both species throughout the day, and in the afternoon we also spotted a small loggerhead turtle. On both our morning and afternoon tours we also had time to visit Vila Franca Islet and enjoy views of the south coast of São Miguel on our return to base. Seabirds sighted today include several species of gulls (yellow-legged, great black-backed and kittiwakes) as well as skuas, ruddy turnstones and an Azorean buzzard on the islet.

Photos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphin just outside of Ponta Delgada

Bottlenose dolphin and common dolphin (spot the difference)

A mixed group of bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins

One of our zodiacs

Photos from the afternoon:

Our afternoon clients

Common dolphin playing hide and seek behind the big swell

Vila Franca Islet

Our two zodiacs visiting Vila Franca Islet

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