Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dolphins looking for an easy meal

Although this morning was grey and a bit misty the important thing is that we had the chance to go out on the ocean and encounter some groups of dolphins. Within a few minutes of leaving the marina we came across common dolphins together with many gulls and some local fishing boats. The dolphins, gulls and boats were all going for the same thing...mackerel. It seemed that the dolphins were looking for an easy meal as they were hanging around the boats, waiting for them to put in their nets and throw back the fish they did not want to keep. The gulls were also joining in the feeding, diving down and grabbing the small fish off the surface. Further offshore one of our two boats also had a brief encounter with some bottlenose dolphins. The poor light and wavy ocean made today difficult for good photography, but we did manage to capture a few decent shots.

Common dolphin approaching a mackerel fishing boat

Common dolphins wave surfing

Fishermen throwing mackerel overboard

One of our zodiacs out with common dolphins

Common dolphin

 Fishing boats just outside of Ponta Delgada

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