Friday, January 24, 2014

Dolphins, more dolphins and jumping fish

Today we had two zodiacs going out on an calm and perfect ocean. Our lookout quickly told us were to go to find a group of bottlenose dolphins, but before we arrived we had common dolphins everywhere. They were very spread out, and busy fishing (hunting), but we made a stop to see them before heading towards their bigger cousins. The bottlenose dolphins were lovely, swimming close to the boats, bowriding and sticking their heads out to look at us. Further on we had more common dolphins hunting, jumping high out of the water and mackerel jumping all around them, giving us a very cool show. Photos from this morning:

Common dolphin snapping fish, that are jumping

Common dolphins hunting just in front of us,
and we had the pleasure to visit this feast

One of our boats with bottlenose dolphins

A large group of bottlenose dolphins

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