Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First whales of 2014!

This morning we encountered the first two whales of 2014 off São Miguel Island. They were be two beautiful fin whales (a adult and a juvenile), kick-starting an early baleen whale season this year, which we hope will continue this way. Not only did we enjoy the company of the two fin whales, we also had two groups of common dolphins and a group of bottlenose dolphins, once again showing their curious behavior of looking back at us as only dolphins can do. We got our first taste of spring, not only because of the presence of the whales, but also because we sighted the first Cory's shearwaters of the season. To end our tour we sighted a beautiful bright rainbow over the island on our way back along the coastline. What a wonderful morning on the sea, and here are some photos from this tour:

Fin whale dorsal fin cutting through the water

Fin whale surfacing, creating a big wave in front of its head

Common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

Cory's shearwater

Rainbow over Vila Franca do Campo

Ruddy turnstones on Vila Franca Islet

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