Saturday, February 8, 2014

Common dolphins everywhere

This morning we had common dolphins everywhere, they were very spread out, but curious towards our boat, surfing the waves and bowriding. We also saw plenty of birds, both out on the sea and close to the coast. We made a little stop in Caloura to see the fishing harbour, the lava rocks and the birds. We saw great skuas, a Cory's shearwater, a couple of Azorean buzzards, rock pigeons, yellow-legged gulls, black-legged kittiwakes and a little egret. We had nice weather out on the ocean, but now in the afternoon, on land, we are getting some rain. It is good to be inside, be drinking some nice hot tea and for everybody reading this: have a nice weekend!

Photos from today:

Common dolphins

Taking a photo of common dolphins

Common dolphin bowriding

A common dolphin lacking the yellow color, with a calf

Yellow-legged gull and a little egret

Caloura harbour

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