Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A day with a male sperm whale

This morning our vigia (onshore lookout) found us a baleen whale and a sperm whale off the coast of São Miguel island. We went for the sperm whale which ended up being a male. He was alone in the area, something which is typical of adult male sperm whales. Surprisingly he was doing short dives, so we were able to see this whale dive 4 times during the morning. On our way back into Ponta Delgada we encountered a nice group of about 30 bottlenose dolphins who were travelling and diving together in a nice tight group. Other marine life sighted this morning includes a small loggerhead turtle, Portuguese man-o-war and plenty of seabirds.

Photos from today:

Sperm whale coming up to breathe

The bump on the right side is the back of the head. This large bump is typical of mature male sperm whales

Preparing to dive

Third time this male fluked for us

 Own boat Alfredo baleeiro

 Maite with the clients from today

Our biologist Miranda taking photos

 A botlenose dolphin in front of Alfredo baleeiro

Alfredo baleeiro boat with the crew

Loggerhead turtle

Bottlenose dolphin close up

Bottlenose dolphins

Portuguese man-o-war

Videos of the bottlenose dolphins

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