Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A spring baby dolphin

A cold and choppy day on the sea this morning provided our clients with exciting dolphin watching. Shortly after leaving port in Ponta Delgada we located a small pod of common dolphins no more than 15 individuals taking advantage of the local fishing boats. We continued our search further towards the east side of the island and this is where the lookout spotted a pod of bottlenose dolphins, there appeared to be many juveniles, a few individuals participated in shows of dominance by breaching out of the water and landing on their sides creating a large splash. The pod was also hiding a little treasure, that we were allowed to see: a very small baby dolphin. The pod was careful and aware, but came close to us to show us the baby before speeding up and leaving us. We still had bottlenose dolphins around us, but just a part of the group, with many juveniles swimming back and forth looking at our boats. We recognised many individuals from this group, and our biologists today got many ID photos so we can try to identify more individuals of the group.

Photos from today:

Common dolphin looking at us

Common dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin juvenile

Bottlenose dolphin surfacing right next to us

Perfect ID-photo

First winter yellow-legged gull

Cory's shearwater

Mackerel fishing boat

Fishing boat

A stop by the boat to see their catch - mackerel

Lunch anyone?
Some of us, both crew and clients, ate this type of fish for lunch later.
This individual fish went back into the ocean and swam away

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