Monday, March 3, 2014

The baleen whale season has started with fin whales

The sea was flat like a mirror when we left the marina this morning, the sun was warming us like in summer time, and out there were lots of common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, a loggerhead turtle and Portuguese man-o-war. In the afternoon we resighted the bottlenose dolphins, and also we encountered a fin whale. As well as the adult fin whale we encountered we also spotted the blows of a mother and calf nearby and our onshore lookout reported a total of 5 whales in the area. It was a nice way to celebrate "World Wildlife Day". Now spring is here and so the baleen whale season, which means the three largest animals in the world started migrating past the Azores. We are looking forward a great spring!

Photos from today:

Adult fin whale encountered in the afternoon

Bottlenose dolphins close to shore in the afternoon

Bottlenose dolphin jumping in front of our zodiac this morning

Common dolphin surfacing in a perfect smooth ocean

Common dolphin

Loggerhead turtle

Portuguese man-o-war

Like a summers day

Little egret - one of 3 spotted on the rocks this morning

Our zodiac "Alfredo baleeiro"

Fishing boat

Conger eel

On board one of our zodiacs in the morning, João Vigia

Azorean buzzard

One of our playful skippers today (on board João Vigia)

The other playful skipper (on board Alfredo baleeiro)

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