Sunday, March 16, 2014

Well-known bottlenose dolphins and a mysterious whale

Today we played with a well-known group of bottlenose dolphins, we know at least two individuals very well "Egípcio" and "Submarine". They were great fun, a group of about 80 dolphins, as they were jumping a lot around us, bowriding and wakeriding. After we left the dolphins we headed further out to search and we came across a fishing boat that had seen a whale a while ago. We followed the instructions from the fishermen aboard the boat, but we never saw the whale. We had very little information, and if this was a fin whale, we know that even if they swim in one direction at the surface they might turn and come up anywhere. We searched in one area, and our lookout was helping us scanning a larger area, but unfortunately no whale to be seen. And we had to turn back home.

Photos from today: 

"Hello" from a bottlenose dolphin

"Submarine" and a juvenile

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