Thursday, April 24, 2014

A fortnight with fin whales

Today marks the 14th day straight that we have encountered fin whales here in São Miguel, Azores. It has been an incredible fortnight with fin whales, the second largest animal in the world. In the morning we were with 3 adult fin whales who were travelling together. They were surfacing very high, coming up with their heads completely out of the water so that we could have a really good look at them. We also encountered a friendly group of common dolphins closer to shore.

We spent the afternoon with five or six fin whales, playing around our two zodiacs. Swimming around us, under us and surfacing together right next to us.

Photos from the morning:

One of our zodiacs on the water this morning 

Fin whale surfacing, showing the two blowholes on top of the head

Fin whale arching to dive

Common dolphins

Our three zodiacs

Photos from the afternoon of the fin whales:

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