Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A fun morning with a fin whale and common dolphins

This morning we had a spectacular encounter with a large fin whale. The whale was great to watch, as it was travelling close to the surface. We were able to continuously follow the whale, watching it's huge shadow beneath the waves. We could see the full length from head to fluke and anticipate every time it came up to breathe. One time we got to see a beautiful rainbow blow as the light hit the blow of the whale at just the right angle. We also saw tip of the whales fluke come out of the water and the whale left a surprise at the surface (bright orange coloured whale poo - the colour comes from the krill which they feed on). The choppy sea this morning made the encounter all the more exciting!

Closer to shore we also encountered a small group of our resident common dolphins. Like the whale, we were able to watch them travelling through the waves. They spent some time playing around our boat and showing off their new calves. Before returning to base we enjoyed some views of the south coast of the island, including the nature reserve - Vila Franca Islet.

Photos from today:

The rainbow this whale gave us today - what a gift!

The whale just in front of us, we could easily see the bright colour of the body underwater and follow it with our cameras

Start of the blow

Fin whale

The whale and the poo behind it

Fin whale poo

Watching Vila Franca Islet from our catamaran

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