Thursday, April 10, 2014

All hail the blue whale!

This morning we had a visit from a huge blue whale here close to Ponta Delgada in São Miguel, Azores!
All our clients aboard our zodiac and catamaran were lucky to be able to see the largest animal to have ever lived on earth, something that most people never have the chance to see in their lives. To make this encounter even more amazing, the whale was displaying some very interesting behaviour. The large whale of at least 25 m in length was very active at the surface. The whale was surfacing with a lot of force and creating huge splashes that could be seen from miles away. At times we recorded this whale travelling at speeds of 16 knots (about 30 km/hr). No words can describe the excitement on our boats during this encounter. The whale was an individual we have not photographed here in São Miguel earlier, so we now have a new individual in our catalogue.

During this tour we also encountered two of our resident dolphin species: common dolphins and a well known group of bottlenose dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins were particularly good to watch this morning because they were very keen to bowride and also showed us some of their impressive high jumps. As a bonus, right near the bottlenose dolphins we encountered a large ocean sunfish resting at the surface. The sunfish was even bigger than the one we saw and filmed underwater 2 days ago!

The largest animal to ever live on planet earth

 Blue whale surfacing in the waves

 The jaw of the blue whale

 Blue whale blow

Blue whale travelling past Logoa

Bottlenose dolphins playing in the waves

Common dolphin

Sunfish (Mola mola) wavings its large dorsal fin in the air

Sunfish (Mola mola) 

Our zodiac today

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Linda said...

Beautiful photos.

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