Sunday, April 27, 2014

Curious blue whales, fin whales and dolphins

Today we observed two blue whales acting like giant dolphins. Rolling around in the water, close to all our boats, pectoral fin slapping, showing the flukes and splashing around. We also encountered the second largest animal in the world, the fin whale, and they turned out to be curious as well - checking us out. It felt like we were surrounded by whales, as everywhere we looked we saw the blows of blue whales and fin whales. In the end we encountered at least 4 blue whales and 4 fin whales up close. It is a great gift to see these large animals up close, as there are not many left in the world and they are still facing threats such as hunting and plastic pollution in the ocean. We also had the company of dolphins around us, both common dolphin and bottlenose dolphin. The afternoon was just as great, with encounter with a blue whale, fin whales and common dolphins. We feel extremely luck to be surrounded by so many whales and dolphins here in the Azores!

Photos from today:

Blue whale

Two blue whales (and a Cory's shearwater)

The fluke of the blue whale

Blue whale head and pectoral fin

Fin whale

Fin whale watching

Jumping bottlenose dolphin. To see a video of this click HERE

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