Wednesday, April 23, 2014

False killer whales and a fin whale

We started our morning early with a mixed group of bottlenose dolphins and false killer whales, but the bottlenose dolphins soon separated from the false killer whales. We stayed with the false killer whlaes, them enjoying their playful behaviour - jumping, bowriding, wakeriding and surrounding our boats. They might look like whales but they are dolphins and they behave like dolphins. This same group of false killer whales have been sighted here in São Miguel 2 times before - last time was in June 2013. We also met a fin whale today. It was surfacing high out of the water, giving us a great view of its head. Sometimes words feels pointless when we have a great day at sea, and the photos will tell the rest.

Photos from today:

False killer whale taking a breath right next to our catamaran Cetus

Our catamaran, Cetus, on the water this morning

A fun ride aboard our zodiac

 False killer whale & our boat Bulo

 False killer whales - mother and calf

 False killer whales

Cory's shearwaters feeding together with the false killer whales

Cory's shearwaters and false killer whales

 Perfect picture for photo-identification of this individual

 The crew taking pictures of false killer whales

 False killer whale next to our boat Cetus

The fin whale from today. Thank you to Doris Thomas for sharing this photo with us!

 Our boat Alfredo Baleeiro

Fishing boat

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