Monday, April 21, 2014

Fin whales and dolphins

This morning three boats set of to see the fin whales our lookout had spotted. We had two whales out there and they showed us today that they are all individuals with their own personality and their own will. One of the fin whales didn't want humans around today. It was most likely feeding and busy filling up its belly and had no interest in us, so we spent very little time with it and left it alone. The other one didn't mind us at all, and was very friendly and playful, surfacing close to us and letting us get a great look and some great photos, from both our two zodiacs and our catamaran Cetus. We also had a group of curious common dolphins today. 

Photos from today:

The two blowholes of the fin whale

Fin whale surfacing, with the blowholes closed

Fin whale

The strong blow of a fin whale

Watching the fin whale from our catamaran

The educational part of the tour

 Small dorsal fin on the surface hides the huge animal underwater

 Fin Whale - Baleia comum

 Fin Whale - Baleia comum

Common dolphin

Common dolphin in the waves surfing towards us

 Our clients aboard Alfredo Baleeiro

 Calf of common dolphin bowriding in front of Bulo

Yellow-legged gulls

Our boat Bulo

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