Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Humpback whale, blue whales and fin whales

Today we had whales everywhere, including a humpback whale. We spent the morning in the company of the humpback whale, but also blue whales and fin whales. When we were approaching the humpback whale we saw it lobtailing, and our lookout had seen it breach several times before we arrived. Even if we didn't see any breachings we enjoyed the lovely company of this whale. In the afternoon we didn't resight the humpback whale, but we had lots and lots of blue whales and fin whales around us. We hardly knew were to go as we saw blows everywhere and we lost count of how many whales we had.

And, of course, we can't forget that we also saw common dolphins both in the morning and afternoon.

Video of two blue whales surfacing in sync together

Photos from today:
 Humpback juvenile surfacing 

 Blow holes of a blue whale 

Blue whale (you can see the pectoral flipper through the water) 

Blue whales travelling together 

Fin whale

Watching the footprint from a blue whale

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